Radiant site with subsections


I need to create a web site with subsections and I need to let some
users edit each subsection and block others from doing this, much like
http://groups.drupal.org/ is it possible to do this with radiant? if
not can I achieve this with an extension?



There is no ACL support in Radiant yet. Your best bet is probably
something in the line of



On Aug 2, 2007, at 9:54 AM, Aitor Garay-Romero wrote:

There is no ACL support in Radiant yet.

Is this on the plans? I love the fact that it is so simple and the
fact that you need extensions for additional capabilities like
page_attachments and sending email seems to me like the right way to
go, but ACLs, IMHO that should be part of radiant.



thanks for the tip. i’m considering doign something like this:

plus having one db for the ‘main’ site and share the users table with
all the ‘subsites’, so i have centralized auth. and i’ll try to create
a extension that prevents a user from editing a site.