Radiant powered website and my experience developing it


It’s been some time I’ve started this website and I’m happy to be able
to share it with you now:

It’s a website the Profoss that organises events for professional
users of Free and Open Source software. It uses 2 extensions I have
developed: one for the “Send to a friend” action, and one for

I’m quite happy with Radiant. Here are some notes based on my
experience. Please take this a constructive remarks:

  • I’ve lost some time searching for some simple things when developing
    my extensions, eg the possibility to use no_login_required in a
    controller. Is it undocumented or did I miss it?
  • you can’t use a radiant layout for your extension views
  • I often test layouts and other ideas on a development version of the
    site. When working with files, it’s very easy to transfer your
    modification with eg rsync. Working with everything in the database
    makes it harder. If I find the time (which is not sure at all), this
    is something I would look into.
  • I’m happy I took the time to develop the vim extension for radiant
    (http://www.raphinou.com/radiant.vim/), it saved me a lot of time!
  • I’m wondering if it’s possible to use a layout hierarchy: I use one
    layout for the whole site, but each speaker’s page content has the
    same structure. Could I use a layout for the page’s content, which is
    wrapped in the main layout?



Web database: http://www.myowndb.com
Free Software Developers Meeting: http://www.fosdem.org

The Radiant layout is the default. I found it was active immediately.
Perhaps it works when you do not write a layout yourself?


Raphael B. wrote:

  • you can’t use a radiant layout for your extension views

Erik van Oosten