Radiant on Merb

Has anybody though, tried or made a use of Radiant on
Merb[http://merbivore.com/] framework yet?


Radiant is tightly coupled to Rails at the moment, but it would be an
interesting academic exercise. Someone at Boulder.rb suggested that we
might use gem plugins as an alternative to extensions, which IIRC is the
“Merb Way”.


Thanks Sean for your fast reaction.

Merb is not so far from rails, without so much magic and helpers, no
ajax. On Merb you can use ActiveRecord.

Then, from a quick look at Radiant’s code, that’s what I guess:

  • models are based on ActiveRecord
  • libs are almost ruby code and playing with models and radius
  • controllers maybe need some changes
  • views should need some changes but maybe not so much (biggest part:
    application layout)

Do I miss something? (surely :p)

The good thing is that Radiant and Merb share the same philosophy, both
are minimal: simple, clear, lightweight and extensible.


The things that tie Radiant tightly to Rails are its extension
architecture and the goal that Radiant should continue to be a “model
Rails application”.


I 'm curious about porting Radiant to Merb then I started the challenge.
For those who are interested in the same challenge, I set up a
repository: http://gitorious.org/projects/merb_radiant. Then please feel
free to participate.

– Stephane