Radiant installation didn't go so well

Hello, Ruby newbie here, with a small Radiant installation mess.

I installed Ruby 1.8.5 and Rails on Apache2/Debian(etch) with
mod_fcgid, according to these instructions:

I have also installed Radiant 0.6.2 according to this page:

I had to bootstrap both production and development databases to get
past errors (mysql).

Current problems:

  • My home page shows the About sidebar in raw Textile markup.
  • Using the admin pages, the PAGES, SNIPPETS, and LAYOUTS tabs do
    not appear at the top.
  • Using the admin pages, when ever I try to access the About page or
    a sample blog post, I get this error: “dependencies.rb:266:in
    `load_missing_constant’: uninitialized constant TextileFilter”.
  • No extensions are listed, not even Textile or Markdown.
  • If I try to update the extensions, I get that an unexpected nil
    object “whiel evaluating nil.initialize_default_admin_tabs”.
  • The vendor/extensions and vendor/plugins directories are empty.

BTW, when I did the Radiant installation and was asked to select a
“site template,” I had no clue what ‘simple’ and ‘styled’ meant and
couldn’t google down their meanings either. I chose ‘styled’.

Any idea what’s going on? Thanks!


I just noticed that the error messages are given as H1 headers.

On the About page and each blog post, I get:
" NameError in Admin/page#edit"

When updating extensions I get:
" NoMethodError in Admin/extensionController#update"


Unbelievably, this morning everything is working. I don’t believe
I’ve touched a thing. The main difference: I closed and re-opened the

Sorry for the monologue. I’ll take any suggestions about what went
wrong, though. Thanks!