Radiant CMS on a shared host?

Has anyone deployed Radiant CMS on a shared host? I am trying to
install it on hosting provided by freeonrails.com (rails 1.1.2). I set
up the .htaccess file like I do for regular rails apps that I run

Problem: I keep getting the 500 error when I try to access /:

“Rails application failed to start properly”

Has anyone run Radiant CMS off, say, dreamhost?

Thanks in advance!

In dreamhost add -

host: path.to.mysqldatabase.com

to your database.yml for each database, and don’t forget to make your
directory point to yoursite.com/public/

Otherwise it’s all according to the instructions. I’ve never used
freeonrails.com before, so I’m not sure what your problems could be

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the responses, I will check back


I’m running it on TextDrive (http://www.upstateonrails.org). Make sure
that you dispatch.fcgi (.cgi, .rb) file has the right path to ruby in
the first line.


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