Radiant CMS Japan

Dear Radiant CMS developer and user.

Radiant CMS Japan

I opened web site.e$B!!e(BAnd this web site aim to…

  • to promote Radiant CMS in Japan.
  • Japanese translation of Radiant CMS, extention , and documents.

I’m making globalize extention using Ruby-GetText-Package.

Radiant CMS is very cool!
Thank John W. Long.

rish (Ryutatsu Ishigami)
[email protected]

Rish San,

That’s a great initiative.

Ganbatte Kudasai!!!


Manik J.
company: http://vinsol.com
blog: http://fromdelhi.com

Manik San.
Mohit San.

Thank you for reply.
Yes. Radiant CMS Japan is based on Radiant CMS.

I will translate English manuals to Japanese.

Rish (Ryutatsu Ishigami)


can you guys give me a tips on how to translate RadiantCMS?

Are you interested in a straight translation, or in localizing the
admin interface?

(that would be a neat extension…)

i’m interested in localizing admin interface

imo radiant provides excelent way to have multilanguage web-site

so? any ideas? i just need a guideline… what files
did you translate and where did you put them so
they will override extensions files?

Nothing will override the extension files, you will need to translate
those as well. The extensions are the last thing loaded.

Like I have mentioned, I have a patch pending, check out the dev
site, most of the work is done. You will just need to do the actual
translation. I also have some patched for the reorder and copy/move

I can send them to you if you would like.

Keith B.
Tel: +49-7731-7983830
[email protected]

well… i did send mail to you about that :slight_smile:
maybe it went into spam don’t know

Whoops, let’s see what I can put together!

Keith B.
Tel: +49-7731-7983830
[email protected]