Radiant and mongrel reloading

For the first time ever (for me :)) I set up a radiant site on a nginx

  • mongrel setup (http://vincenzomaiorano.it) and it works fine, but I
    have a problem when I update the radiant code via capistrano, adding
    an extension or changing some values in environment.rb: my capistrano
    tasks call script/process/reaper after updating the code, thus
    restarting the mongrel processes.

If I visit the site after I update I still find the older version of
the site running, without the newer extensions. If I kill the mongrel
processes and then I start them again everything runs fine.

Is this the correct behavior?

Are you using the mongrel_cluster gem? If so, I would change your
restart (1.4.1) or deploy:restart (2.x) task to look something like

task :restart, :roles => :app do
run “cd #{current_path}; mongrel_rails cluster::restart -C


For debugging, check the PIDs of the relevant processes before/after the
restart to check that they actually restarted correctly.


I’m launching the mongrels via process/spawner, does it use the
mongrel_cluster gem?

2007/10/8, Sean C. [email protected]:

The PIDs change after restart.

2007/10/8, Aitor Garay-Romero [email protected]: