RackInitializationException: library `fcntl' could not be loaded

Hello all!
My env:
OS: Gentoo Linux AMD64;
JVM: HotSpot 1.7 or 1.6;
JRuby: 1.6.4 (1.9 mode);
APP server: jetty 8.
Rails: 3.1.1.


I try use JRubu 1.6.4 with Jetty, and get next error:

35329 [JRuby-Rack-App-Init-1] ERROR jruby.rack - Error: unable to
initialize application
org.jruby.rack.RackInitializationException: library fcntl' could not be loaded: java.lang.NullPointerException from org/jruby/runtime/backtrace/TraceType.java:48:in getBacktraceData’
from org/jruby/runtime/backtrace/TraceType.java:26:in
getBacktrace' from org/jruby/RubyException.java:160:in prepareBacktrace’

Please, help me with this problem .

I created new bug case for this topic:

At tomcat this problem appears too.

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