Rack logging, log level changes over time

I’m using Jruby Rack + Tomcat and Rails 2.2.2 in threadsafe mode. I’m
an issue where when the server starts up Rails is logging in debug but
within the first minute or two of running rails switches to error level
logging only. Looking at the Rack source code I noticed it overrides the
default ruby logging, is there any chance it doesn’t have the original
config settings?

Jruby 1.2
Rack 0.9.3
Tomcat 5.5 (Coolstack)
Solaris 10
Rails 2.2.2 (Threadsafe mode)


On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 10:53 AM, Matthew K. [email protected]

Solaris 10
Rails 2.2.2 (Threadsafe mode)

It’s certainly possible, but I haven’t noticed this behavior before.

The code that overrides the Rails logger is here:

Seems like that shouldn’t affect the logging level, but maybe you
could do a little more sleuthing to see what happens? If necessary,
you could monkey-patch the
JRuby::Rack::RailsServletHelper#setup_logger to be a no-op early in
your boot.rb or environment.rb and see if that changes the behavior.


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