Rack app to browse specs

hello there,
Sometimes I find easier to browse my specs directly on the browser to
an overall idea of the logic.

To do it I have put up a simple rack app to:

  • browse the contents of /spec directory on rails root
  • run each spec and view the html formatted output (it does spec FILE -f

It is only a .rb file to put on spec/ directory. If you will like to
give it
a try:

I hope it helps somebody :wink:

hello there,
I’ve added support to browse/run cucumber features to the app, check it
in gist:

right now you can:
browse your spec/ and features/ directory
run specs and feature files living there.

it is only a .rb script to put into spec (or features) directory

I’ve also moved the gists to a normal repo at:

I hope it helps somebody :wink: