RACC and YACC problem in TMail

Hello all,

I am trying to get outlook email through a small set of programs I
wrote to download/modify/and upload emails.

Problem is, TMail seems to not be handling the Microsoft outlook
Content-Type header declaration, specifically:

Content-Type: multipart/alternative;

Where as it can handle the Apple mail (and others) for example:

Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=Apple-Mail-27–96051287

Works fine.

What TMail does to the outlook ones is simply delete them. This
produces broken email streams, sometimes running two emails into each

Below is the test case and an ugly hack fix, but the summary is that
TMail is parsing the boundary=(.*)$ and is choking on the second ‘=’.

So I wrote some tests to show this failing with 2 to 4 = signs in the
text to the right of boundary=

diff -r tmail-0.10.8/test/testheader.rb tmail-0.10.9/test/testheader.rb

assert_equal 1, h.params.size
assert_equal '----=_=NextPart_000_0093_01C81419.EB75E850', h.params['boundary']

h = TMail::HeaderField.new('Content-Type', 'multipart/alternative; boundary=----=_=NextPart_000_0093_01C81419=EB75E850')
assert_equal 'multipart', h.main_type
assert_equal 'alternative', h.sub_type
assert_equal 1, h.params.size
assert_equal '----=_=NextPart_000_0093_01C81419=EB75E850', h.params['boundary']

Then I dug through the source code and found the following in a RACC

        | params ';' TOKEN '=' value
              val[0][ val[2].downcase ] = val[4]

Now… I knew NOTHING of YACC or RACC before tonight… so I started
googling etc.

But the only solution I came up with is this:

diff -r tmail-0.10.8/lib/tmail/parser.y tmail-0.10.9/lib/tmail/parser.y

        | params ';' TOKEN '=' value '=' value '=' value '=' value
            l = val.length
            val[0][ val[2].downcase ] = val[4..l].join

The above code makes all the test cases pass but is totally ugly, and a

What I WANT to be able to say is:

params ‘;’ TOKEN ‘=’ and_anything_to_end_of_line
val[0][ val[2].downcase ] = val[4]

Are there any YACC / RACC people out there that can provide a cleaner
solution so I can send a real fix to the maintainer of TMail?