Rabbit 1.0.1


Rabbit 1.0.1 has been released!!!

Web: http://rabbit-shockers.org/
Install: gem install rabbit
Summary: Rabbit is a presentation tool for Rubyist.

This is the first major release!

Matz is one of the Rabbit users. He used Rabbit at RubyConf
RubyConf 2010 Keynote by Matz | PPT

There is a Rabbit presentation demo party in Japan at this
weekend. You can see many presentations that use Rabbit (or
other tools) at the party. Please enjoy it. :slight_smile:

RubyKaigi 2011: RubyKaigi 2011(July 16 - 18)

== Rabbit?

Rabbit is a presentation tool for programmer, especially

You can create presentation slides as a text format. So you
can use your favorite editor and version control system for
creating presentation slides.

Rabbit has programmer-friendly keybord interface. If you
type a key then you will get what you want because Rabbit
uses Emacs/Vi like key bindings by default.

You can just use Rabbit as a slide viewer because Rabbit can
also show PDF format slide. You can create by Keynote or
what you like and use Rabbit as a slide viewer for
programmer-friendly keybord interface.

You can customize slide look and feed by Ruby. It’s very
important for Rubyist that you can program when you make
presentation slides.