R820T2 in Gnuradio


I followed some instructions and I installed the files in Gnuradio which
respect to R820T2. Now, to start and continue my research, I need some
tutorial to teach me to use this device and how to make a communication
between Gnuradio and R820T2.
Please, can anyone help me to find this? Or maybe you have already used
this before. Thanks a lot.

Hi Pedro,

you got answers to this question yesterday. Was something wrong with
them? Where can we pick you up to help you get further?

Best regards,

Hey, Pedro,

as Jan wrote: use gr-osmosdr. The link Jan sent contains instructions.

Best regards,

Hey, Jan,

My only “problem” is how to start using the R820T2. I already know
Gnuradio, but I didn’t used it with R820T2.


2015-08-28 11:06 GMT-03:00 Jan Krämer [email protected]: