R115 to SVN - foundational work for RubySpec integration is done

These updates sync the SVN tree up to our internal repository as of
today. My apologies for the delay in getting these new bits out to y’all

  • we’ve had challenges in integrating the new Ruby specs among other

The external builds are now all delay signed using a test key -
RubyTestKey.snk. This means that you must run the RunFirst.cmd file to
enable skip verification of the public key that we used in the delay
signing. Hopefully this resolves the various signing issues that folks
outside have seen.

The IronRuby.sln file and its related .csproj files have also been
updated to not create random phantom directories (there’s one left
bin/FxCop gets generated, but I haven’t been able to track down the
culprit). But this should fix the problem that DeVaris ran into earlier.

The Rakefile has been extensively updated as well - the foundations are
in place to run the official RubySpec specs from their GIT repo. You’ll
need to get GIT installed and a few other things, but it should work.
More on how to do this next week when that integration is done.