R109 - Rails progress

After a few more patches (for Regexp, Socket, Sha1 and OpenSSL), the
load failures are reduced to:

Builtin libraries:
8 - gsub $n bug [#20137]
2 - Thread::critical= not implemented
1 - trap not implemented
1 - catch not implemented
1 - open not implemented
1 - DATA global variable not defined
1 - IO::sync not implemented
1 - File::writable? not implemented

Standard Native libraries:
8 - YAML::Syck not implemented
2 - OpenSSL::PKey not defined

Is there a prototype implementation for YAML yet?

Cheers, Wayne.

Looking good!

We have a fairly complete implementation of YAML that’s waiting to be
integrated. I’ll work through the patch backlog now.


I’m working on some Ruby module loader improvements that are necessary
to load Yaml lib.