<r:unless_url matches="/it/">

Hi. Inside a layout I need to select the home page to avoid showing
the page title (which should be by default shown on all other pages).
I thought to use the <r:unless_url matches="/it/"> tag. My site tree
is organized like the following one:




The problem is that by singling out the “italian” home page with the
<r:unless_url matches="/it/"> tag I also get (it matches) all the
other Italian pages (in other words I’m not being able to
differentiate the language-specific home page)… Any suggestion on
how to solve this problem from a regex guru on this list? TIA. --M

I’m no Regex guru but try this:

<r:unless_url matches="^/it/$">

I believe ^/$ mark start/end of string.

Hope it helps,


Sean, Adrian: many thanks for a working tip …


Consider adding $ to the end of your URL regex, i.e.

The $ signifies the end of the string.

Sean C.