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Hello all,
Another n00b question for you guys.
I’m trying to generate a list block of all the published children of
my home page.
I’m assuming, via the UsingRadiant page on the wiki, that I need to use:
<r:navigation urls="[Title: url; Title: url; …]">
<r:normal><r:title /></r:normal>
<r:here><r:title /></r:here>
<r:between> | </r:between>

First, what should I be putting in the “Title: url” section? Somethign
about r:children?
Second, I don’t understand what the r:normal, r:here and r:selected
stuff are doing. Shouldn’t that be rendering different “class=” or

Is there anywhere else on the wiki that talks about this?
BJ Clark

r:normal is the nav element display when that element is not related to
the active page.
r:here is the nav element display when that element is for the active
r:selected is the nav element display when that element is a parent of
active page

Depending the sort of menu you want to output you can use li tags
separator and with class attribute.
Here an example :

You can use simple text with no specific class :
<r:navigation urls=“English: /en/; Srpski: /sr/”>
<r:normal><r:title /></r:normal>
<r:here><r:title /></r:here>
<r:selected><r:title /></r:selected>
<r:between> | </r:between>

Last an example where the here and selected and not the same :

As it is not possible to order the children of a page it is probably
to explicitly put the list of links as in the examples above.


On Mon, 27 Nov 2006 01:23:30 +0100, BJ Clark [email protected] wrote:

<r:between> | </r:between>

BJ Clark

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