Hi Bob

Your detailed description below triggers one question.

I’m about to setup a desktop (non portable) platform for GNURadio.
I know how to assemble a PC, but actually not expert in selectin HW.
ATOM is a good new product.
But as long as I’m not interested in portability, low power and in nifty
graphics (but of course nifty sound), and
not interested in supporting a lot of periferals (a bunch of good USB2
will do), and only interested in outstanding CPU
power and RAM access speed, is ATOM still the choice?
I may not wait for the NVidia ION to arrive.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

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addressed the desire for 64 bit OS, but we still had pretty slow memory
currently have but these new ones will represent bit steps in the right
motherboard for Nvidia ION.
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