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Is this possible?




I’d like to view all the products for a User and also all of the
entire products. From what I’ve tried, this does not work:

map.resources :users do |users|
users.resources :products

map.resources :products

You have to use a name_prefix for the nested resources.
Jamis B. wrote about it two months ago:

cheers :slight_smile:

– bobes

Actually my last post didn’t work. It would read the User id as the
action and the user_products as the id. I changed my routes to this
with success:

map.resources :user_products, :path_prefix => “users/:user_id”

Is this the best way to do this?

Looks like my second post didn’t go through. Here is what I had

map.resources :users do |users|
users.resources :products, :controller => “user_products”

map.resources :products

So you’ve got a ProductsController and UserProductsController? If so,
this could be a good way to go.
If the views are the same for user products and all products than having
controller and one set of views is a better solution.
The routes would be:

map.resources :users do |users|
users.resources :products, :name_prefix => “user_”
map.resources :products

And in actions you would have something like:

def index
params[:user_id].nil? ? Products.find(:all) : User.find

You could also extract the condition to a before_filter, let me know if
have any problems with this…

– bobes

I actually needed to use the same views so this works perfectly. I
ended up using an if/else loop because I needed to render one
different view.
(now I have to go back and delete all the user_products files …)

Thanks a lot bobes! Specifically comment number 15 was exactly what I
was looking for. My routes now look like this:

map.resources :users do |users|
users.resources :products, :controller => “user_products”

map.resources :products

Now I obviously had to create an extra controller:
UserProducts < ApplicationController

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