Quick questions on FM limitations

I have the RXTV daughterboard, and a USRP1. I’ve studied spectrum sense
how it manages to analyze over a range, but to my knowledge it is not
time (it takes time to tune to each area in the range, particularly a

If my goal is to be able to save arbitrary radio signals to file, my
assumption is that I can only do so within the bandwidth (6 MHz, I
But is it within the capacity of gnuradio and the equipment I have
to be able to tune to other stations at a frequency fast enough that one
could still get enough meaningful samples to have accurate demodulation?
if we’re currently oversampling by x amount, you could time multiplex
sure if that’s the right way to use this term in this context) to x
different center frequencies).

Should be a pretty easy question to answer. As always, thanks.