Quick peace of mind question

I usually develop using nginx/mongrel and deploy on the same platform.
In the past I’d develop on webrick and deploy on lighttpd and would
(rarely) run into situations where code worked on webrick but not on

Now I’m in a situation where the client has requested Apache/Mongrel
while I’m developing on Nginx/Mongrel. Since the Rails side is handled
by mongrel, is there any chance that the front-end webserver difference
will cause the code to act differently? If so I’ll probably just set up
another dev environment to mimic the deploy platform.


Depends on how paranoid you are :slight_smile: Even if you set up your own, there’s
telling how theirs will be set up. I’ve seen people’s sessions get
cos the sysadmin had cookie caching turned on.

It’s been my experience that the app runs the same with
apache+mod_proxy_balancer as with nginx. That said, most companies I
of try to have a staging server that mirrors their prod server. This
eliminate any questions as to whether it’s the machine / os / server /
of the hamster in the CPU.

Could also compromise… use apache’s regular proxy to bounce requests
to nginx :slight_smile: