Queuing mails for a mailing list

i am wanting to send out a mailing listto subscribers. myserver has an
hourly mail limit.
i am using the mail-queue plugin to queue up my mails.
so how would i send out batches? or should i just setup a cron job to
send out, for eg. 1 mail/second. with 5000 subscribers thatwould take
like 1.5 hrs to send out. would this kill my server.
any other thoughts suggestions?

Are you sending the same e-mail, if so, can you send the mail to all the
users at once (join them all up in the bcc field with ,'s), or does this
also cause a problem with your mail server.

not sure. but i guess this would be counted as a mail for each user
but going to ask, thanks for the suggestion

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