Dear devs,

I would like to hear your opinion on two issues:

  • I am thinking about automatically performing CGI.unescape to query

  • I am thinking about dropping the trailing x from template files. this
    helpful with code editors: no need to setup
    syntax highlighting for .htmlx files.
    all files inside the template dirs will be recognised as templates.

what do you think?

I love the removal of the x on htmlx idea. Just existing in the
directory should designate it as a template. However we may want to
the best way for <0.4X.0 nitro users to migrate if you make this change.
Such as a command line tool to convert such files, with a couple checks
make sure your not overwriting files already present. Or even nitro
automatically converting if the .html file if it doesn’t exist already
kicking out a warning if it does.


I’m ok with dropping the x.


chris schreef:


I move the ‘x’ be replaced with 斐

I agree that directory location is sufficient. I also like the idea of
unescaping CGI variables.

I was trying to be silly… It was supposed to be a Japanese character…
sent as UTF-8…

sorry about the noise.


What’s your reasoning for using the “?” as part of the file extension?


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