Questions regarding

Hi all,

I came across the in GNU core and
theres a comment by the writer that every packet tries to send it will pad it to 512
bytes and pkt_utilisation sends a 4 bytes of sample
which means 16 complex numbers through the USB and the
end packet will be in terms of 128 samples.

Now my question is if i’m trying to send binary
strings of say 1010. Can i assume that each bit is
represented by 16 complex numbers (4 bytes sample) and
the entire useful data is 4 x 16 complex numbers and
the rest of the packet are all paddings?

And one more question is regarding the vector_sink.
Does the sink logged the data in a stack format as in
the last data in on top of the stack or its just
random, i unsure as i read it somewhere that the
vector_sink store its data randomly in the list?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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