Questions in benchmark_tx


Dear all,

I’d like to transmit some data with random 0s and 1s using, can someone tell me that how can I generate such kind
of data in for transmission? and what if I want to
specify a file to transmit, how to modify the code ‘source_file =
open(options.from_file, ‘r’)’? I am trying to use ‘qam8’ for

My another question is how file decide the bandwidth?
Since there is no input for us to specify the bandwidth, except for
the center frequency. I wonder is the bandwidth decided by the
bit_rate that we input? I’m confused about that. Your answers are
appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,



Look at the while loop in the code. Instead of reading from a file you
substitute data
to be whatever you like.

use the following option to find out how to send data read from a file.
./ -h

This will display lots of options that you can use and one of them is
file option. You need not modify the code to do this.