Questions concerning Rails MCV architecture

Hello Rails community!

I’m currently designing a rails based website for my school’s magazine
and since I have the ability to start from scratch I decided to start
learning rails. Which may or may not have been a silly idea :).

However, very early on I’ve encountered an issue with how I should set
up the site. Currently there are separate sections involving (for

Editor’s Blogs

All able to be commented on, etc. So it’s going to be a community
based site for my campus.

The question I have though, is should there be a separate controller
for each of the sections? Or one over all controller that handles all
incoming content?

Sorry if this is a basic question, I’ve done some searching but I
haven’t been able to come up with much in regard to this. If there’s
some resource that covers this in more depth (ie: multiple content
type postings) I’d love to read into it. Otherwise,

Thanks for your time and input on the matter!

Make separate controllers. And have a look at acts_as_commentable

Maybe it’s that you want to take this opportunity to learn
programming, but I was thinking about your list of services you want
to provide. Personally, I don’t think I would even build an
application at all. There are plenty of other out-of-box solutions to
accomplish all those goals:

Stories - A wiki could handle this nicely.
Blogs - Any one of dozens of bloggers could take care of this.
Podcasts - Blogs with audio files
Videos - Blogs with video files attached.

All of the above already handle comments. Granted, maybe your
application will provide more that what is listed here, but if not
then I don’t see the need to reinvent this wheel.

The plan is to expand this out to much more than a simple news
aggregation system, but into a system to where editors can assign
stories, track writers progress, and eventually act as a system for
online deployment.

Much of this probably could be done with already available materials,
however I am using it as a chance to learn ruby and to set up the
paper with a nice full featured website. They have a current system
deployed, but it’s riddled with problems (Mostly coming from 4
different people working with php all at differing times).

However, I did seriously consider your suggestion when I started to
work on this project :slight_smile: