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I have read the file in PreCog.It seems they deal with
data and update local time according to the time tags.But how can we
demodulated the signal from antenna in the start without knowing the
time.Is this imply we can only transmission at the fixed frequency?I
appreciate any tips.
Thank you.

You are correct. The demodulated will demodulate continuous. The
samples are routed to the TDMA engine for timing information of the


hello John,

I am wondering, in future, if the receiver will also work in a tdma
at the waveform level,i.e, the demodulation can be done within specified
time slot. One of the benefits is that the computing on the receiver can
decreased significant.


On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 8:50 PM, John M.
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I have read the file in PreCog.It seems they deal with

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