Questions about JRuby + Java 7

Hi JRuby folk,

I’ve got some questions about JRuby internals that I hope someone on
list can help answer:

talks about three ways you could run a dynamic language on the JVM:

  1. Create synthetic types for method arguments and return values,
    MyObject fxn(MyObject a, MyObject b);
  2. Use reflected invocation
  3. Write a language-specific interpreter on top of the VM

I’m assuming that JRuby implements #3. Is that correct?

Also, if you can compile JRuby scripts into JVM bytecode, does that mean
that JRuby also implements #1 and/or #2?

And finally: I dug around the web for information on JRuby and the new
dynamic capabilities of Java 7 and didn’t find a lot of information.
anybody know what the plan is for that?

Thanks in advance!

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