Good morning,
My name is Javier Mauricio Suarez, I am a student of electronics
engineering at Santander Industrial University in Colombia. I am working
with the USRP1 and GNU Radio for my graduate project. Some days ago I
had a
problem that I haven’t been able to solve. I try to verify that GNU
works with the USRP1, for doing that I write the following code lines in
the terminal:
From the gnu radio directory:

cd gnuradio-examples/python/usrp

cd usrp/host/apps

this provided by the web page of gnu radio:

In both cases, when I run these code lines I have the following warning

Warning: Treating daughterboard with invalid EEPROM contents as if it
a “Basic Tx.”
Warning: This is almost certainly wrong… Use appropriate

I am using the next hardware:
motherboard: Rev:4.5 serial number:6296

daughter board: RFX 2200 STM-5 94 V Rev 30 2400-2500 MHz

I am using gnuradio 3.4-1
and ubuntu version 10.04

I would be very greatful if you can help me with that.

Javier Mauricio Suarez

On 31/01/12 04:38 PM, Javier S. wrote:

warning and error:
daughter board: RFX 2200 STM-5 94 V Rev 30 2400-2500
Javier Mauricio Suarez

The RFX2200 came out after the transition to UHD, and the examples you
are using are not UHD aware.
Basically the “classic” drivers don’t know anything about an RFX2200

My suggestion would be to use:

To download/build/install the latest UHD plus Gnu Radio and proceed from

The “classic” drivers have been unmaintained and “obsolete” for two
years now