Question regarding simultaneous transmission


Weeks ago i was advised here to use the time
interleaver blk to achieve true simultaneous
transmission from 2 transmit antenna. In my code i
define 2 packet_transmitters and connect them to the
time_interleaver blk. In the receiver i believed to
have acheive some sort of super position signal.

The problem now is the received signal is not what i
have expected. I sent both signals on a same freq. Eg,
i sent 10101010 from antenna 1 and 01010101 from
antenna 2. Now what i would expect at receiver is
11111111 or 00000000. Strange thing is sometimes i did
manage to receive the desired signal while other times
i get some werid data strings even after increasing
the signal power.

I would love some advice on what might go wrong in my
SDR. Can it be the way i set up the MUX or USRP?
Please advice thanks.



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