Question regarding adaption from swig/wrapper-interface from

actually I am fighting with the adaption of the interface to ruby. A lot
things are not the big problem.

For the start I would like to know if there is a equivalent for croak in
ruby. I used simply printf-statements in the C+±code but that is only a
poor replacement.

The other problem is much more tough. In the code the libperl+±library
been used. The code was not created by me. But if I get it properly they
create a perl-interface to C+±code and in the C+±code again a
perl-interpreter is embedded. It seems that can either start it with
attach to an existing one with

Perlinterpreter *perl;

or even request a new one with

It is somehow tricky and my problem is that I have found only very
information about libperl++.

I think also, that I have heard that only one ruby-process can be
at a time. I am not sure how the attach works in ruby.
This strange structure is especially used to for Error-handling. I do
get the full picture, but I assume they want to have the Error rised
the interpreter and not the C-code???

Sorry for the limited informations. But I haven’t get the full picture
now. That is the main reason for the question :-).

Thank You,