Question/problem with habtm and "include?"

I have what I feel is a standard habtm association to manage
user/roles/permissions. However, I’m having a small problem wondering
why “.include?” isn’t working like I thought it should.

I’m attempting to use this to determine whether a user has access to a
particular permission:

if session[:user].role.permissions.include?(‘Lead List’)
do something

If I call session[:user].role.permissions.inspect I get this:

[#“Lead List”, “role_id”=>“1”, “permission_id”=>“1”, “id”=>“1”}>,
#“Purchase Orders”, “role_id”=>“1”, “permission_id”=>“4”, “id”=>“4”}>,
#“Quotes”, “role_id”=>“1”, “permission_id”=>“5”, “id”=>“5”}>,
#“Invoices”, “role_id”=>“1”, “permission_id”=>“6”, “id”=>“6”}>]

But the “include?” returns false.

If I modify the condition, to the following, it works:

session[:user].role.permissions.collect{|p| }.include?(‘Lead

I’m okay with it working using the latter example, but I was wondering
if there’s something I haven’t done to make the first example (minus the
.collect) not work like I thought it would.

Any pointers would be appreciated.