Question on tags - offsets


A quick question on tags.

I’m coding a custom block in python and my forecast function is like so:

def forecast(self, noutput_items, ninput_items_required):
#setup size of input_items[i] for work call
for i in range(len(ninput_items_required)):
ninput_items_required[i] = 64

If my understanding is correct, every 64 items, the block’s work
is called.

Each time work is called, I want to add a tag to the first of the 64
elements that come in (the value of my tag is a list). So I used:

lst = (1, 2, 3, 4) #example

    item_index = 0
    offset = self.nitems_written(0) + item_index
    key = pmt.string_to_symbol("example")
    value = pmt.to_pmt(lst)

    self.add_item_tag(0, offset, key, value)

This works. I can see the tag being added when I use a QT time sink.

But when I add some print statements and check what I noticed is that
are being added at indicies 0, 8192, 16384 etc. Basically multiples of
which is the full length of the input buffer in0 = input_items[0].

Shouldn’t self.nitems_written(0) be 64 each time?

What I really want is tags being added at 0, 64, 128 etc. I’m sure I’m
missing something pretty silly.


Dear Anil,

Not every 64 items,but work() function is called if there are more than
items in the input stream (buffer).


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