Question on share_layouts extension

I’m new to Radiant and have been trying out the share_layouts extension
because it allows me to use my own rails extensions whilst reusing the
Radiant layouts.
In the 0.6.6 gem for Radiant there is a ‘Normal’ layout which has
various radius tags in it and which I’ve been trying to use for one of
my own extensions - but aside from the r:content tag which displays the
output from the erb in my extension, I’m getting errors or blanks
elsewhere. For instance, the r:date in the footer snippet (which
outputs the year for the copyright notice) fails and instead displays
“undefined method `strftime’ for nil:NilClass” on my page.

As I said, very new to the platform. I feel it has something to do with
the Radius Context or parser and the globals struct in Context.
Specifically, RailsPage being a subclass of Page, calls
Page#lazy_initialize_parser_and_context and passes itself ‘@context =’ (app/modes/page.rb). Maybe something is going
wrong because of the inheritance issue there. (or I could be totally
misusing this extension)

Anyway, this extension is still very useful so many thanks to its
Any help?


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