Question on OFDM

Hi All,

I am working on OFDM. I use and to
transmit and receive data right now.
./ -f 440M -T A --tx-amplitude 5000 -v -i 128
–fft-length 128 --occupied-tones 80 --cp-length 32
./ -f 440M -R A -v -d 64 --fft-length 128
–occupied-tones 80 --cp-length 32

However, at the receiver side, I can not receive pkt=0 and pkt=1 every
Most of the time, it receives from pkt=2. Can anyone tell me why is that
how to fix it, please?

The second question is, at the TX side, TX actually transmits 503 pkt;
at the RX side, RX only receives part of these. The RX stops receiving
received pktno is 380.

The third question is, why the value of decimation should be half of the
value of interpolation?

Thanks for any reply.

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