Question on deploying a Ferret DRb server

I’ve read all the documentation I could find, and read most of this
forum, but I’m a still a little confused on running a ferret DRb server.

All the examples seem to be from the point of view of running the DRb
server from within the context of a RoR web site. I’d like to consider
the following scenario:

Server 1: front-end web server + mongrel cluster
Server 2: Ferret DRb server
Server 3: MySQL database

My question is related to Server 2? Exactly what is it that I have to
deploy to that computer to have a Ferret DRb server? I understand that
on Server 1, ferret_server.yml should have a production entry that
points to Server 2, and that all the models on Server 1 need :remote =>
:true. But what lives on server 2? Do I just deploy the models folder,
the config folder and the scripts folder? Or do I deploy an entire copy
of the web site code?

I haven’t found the answer to that in anything I’ve read, so I thought
I’d ask here.

Sheldon M.