Question on custom control

i have a made a custom control. which has text box and drop down . text
box has the value and drop down has a units if you change the units the
value will change accordingly . the problem i am facing is, when i
change the units the value changes but when i inspect the field in
firebug the value of the text box is still the old value. hope i am
clear and thanks for the suggestions.

Firebug lies sometimes and that might be the issue. Did you try to
check the value using JS console ?


2010/1/22 Mayur S. [email protected]:

ok i tried this when i alert($(‘unit_text_box’).value) it shows the new
value . but right in the next line when i say $(‘unit_text_box’).value
and try to use it in a if condition, it evaluates to the old value
rather than new value as shown in the alert.