QUESTION: Number of inputs to general_work

I have a question regarding the argument &input_items in the function
general_work from the library gr_block.h. Is my understanding correct
it only takes ONE STREAM of inputs at a time?

I was hoping to implement a TWO CHANNEL input (two different sources and
the in-phase and quadrature type of inputs). And to do this I need TWO

Is it possible to do this in GNU Radio? If so, how?


Read the ‘how to write a block’ document:

It clearly explains that you can have an infinite number of input
streams and how to achieve it.

  • George

These are some of the input parameters of gr_block::general_work() :

input_items vector of pointers to the input items, one entry per input
output_items vector of pointers to the output items, one entry per
output stream

Am I correct in understanding that the input_items CAN point to a
vector type of inputs? I plan to implement two input channels
of vector type. Therefore I plan to pass TWO POINTERS of
vector type as “input_items” to general_work.

Note that the discussion on this website:
only used one
“channel” of inputs since it only took values from a single stream. I
plan to take TWO CHANNELS of inputs wherein each channel contains
10000 inputs.

By the way, the discussion in the above-mentioned site is not so
clear… sorrry…