Question From a Total Beginner


I am just beginning to work through some tutorials with Ruby using
NetBeans 7.1.1

Every time I try to run a script I get an error message like this:

“main.rb class wasn’t found in the Learning to Program Tutorial Project”

Everything had been working just fine but I must have changed some path
or file, but can’t figure out how to undo whatever it is I did.

I’m sure this is a ridiculously simple fix but I’m stumped. Can someone
point me in the right direction?


hi Bruce,

this sounds like it’s most likely a problem of NetBeans not finding
the file. you probably don’t really need a big IDE to get started with

you could just open up a terminal, and type ruby /[path]/[to]/main.rb (obviously entering the correct path to the
file… if that works, then your problem is with NetBeans.)

any old text editor will do for writing ruby code, though something
with syntax highlighting is definitely a good idea. i use SciTe, which
has a nifty F5 function which will run your script, and an output panel.

good luck, and have fun!

  • j