Question about using DISTINCT in ActiveRecord find method


Am relatively new to the RoR world. My question is quite simple.

I have a query like such:

shipmentNumbers = Order.find_by_sql([“select distinct from orders
o, line_items li, shipment_lines sl, shipments s where o.number=? and = li.order_id and = sl.line_item_id and sl.shipment_id =”, number])

The above query works fine. I wanted to do the same query using the
query below:

shipmentNumbers = Order.find(:all,
:conditions => [“number = ?”, number],
:joins => “as o join line_items as li on = li.order_id join
shipment_lines as sl on sl.line_item_id = join
shipments as s on sl.shipment_id =”)

In the above query I need to add the “distinct” equivalent for
getting the correct results. Does anybody have an idea as to how I would
use the DISTINCT clause in the find(…) method?



It looks to me like you still thinking about your data in a relational
instead of ActiveRecord’s Object mindset. The book Agile Rails has an
example almost exactly like what you are trying to do. I suggest

Rails makes it easy to do things the right way, using ActiveRecord and
objects. It makes other ways possible, but much much harder.


I will have a look into that. In the meanwhile, could someone post the
ActiveRecord way of doing this query?


Hi Liquid,

Here are the relationships between my table,

order has_many line_items. line_item belongs_to order
line_item has_many shipment_lines. shipment_line belongs_to line_item
shipment has_many shipment_lines. shipment_line belongs_to shipment

so if i do what you are suggesting, won’t I get duplicate shipments for
some orders?

I could go though the @shipments and remove the duplicate shipments.
(Please let me know if I am missing something here).


Hi Mufaddal,

Assuming that you have the Order object i think you should be able to
the following

@shipments = @order.line_items.shipment_lines.shipments

I think this should work, haven’t tested it tho.


Hi Mufaddal,

I misunderstood your associations. I see your issue.

you could use the following then

@shipments = @order.line_items.shipment_lines.shipments.uniq!

This will collect the array, and then remove duplicate entries.

I hope :wink:


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