Question about RSSI


I have a USRP 1 with the XCVR2450 daughterboard attached and i’m trying
to take measurements for the RSSI.

I found this on the site but it didn’t really help me

  1. Analog RSSI (we can read it using AUX ADC)
  2. Digital RSSI in FPGA (from output of ADCs)
  3. Digital RSSI in host (computed however you like, from the channel
    zed signal sent over the bus by the USRP)
    If you want to use the measured analog RSSI, it will measure whatever
    passes through the analog channel filter. You can only change that
    bandwidth by changing inductors and capacitors. Note also that analog
    RSSI is only on the RFX900, RFX1200, RFX1800, and RFX2400. The RFX400,
    TVRX, and DBSRX do not have that capability.
    So we cross out the first option since the XCVR2450 cannot support this.
    I searched a lot about the second but i didn’t find something.
    Can someone enlighten me?

Thank you in advance,