Question about limit zone

Hi all,

I am total newbie to nginx (just 2 days old).

Before i jump in to the question, i better explain what i have done.

I have nginx + fastcgi (php) running on a server.
This is for a download server.

Every download request is redirected to a php page which checks access
from the db and then X-Accel-Redirect’s to the internal caching

The caching server fetches the file and sends it to the user via nginx.

The configuration is something like this.

http {

limit_zone conn 32k;
root /path/to/php/files;
index index.php;

server {
   location /download {
      rewrite ^/download/(.*)$ /download.php?q=$1 last;

   location ~ \.php {
      # fastcgi setup.

   location /cache/ {
      proxy_pass http://addr.of.cache.server/;
      limit_conn conn 1;
      error_page 503 /error503.php;


I hope that makes sense.

I put the error_page under the internal location
directive as i do not want to limit connections on
other pages.

Now, i would like to know if there is any way to tell
download.php the exact number of sessions active for the
requesting user?

If this can be done, i can know beforehand if the user is already
downloading, and not process his request at all.

Thank you for the help.

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