Question about GNU Radio block documentation in GRC

Hi list,

I recently compiled gr-howto-write-a-block (from git master) and its
doxygen documentation is not loaded/displayed in gnuradio-companion.

The python code is installed in “${GR_PYTHON_DIR}/howto”. See:

In gnuradio-companion, when the python documentation is loaded, it
is assumed the blocks are in the “gnuradio” subpackage. See:

In case I didn’t miss something, what is the preferred way to fix
this ? (I say “fix” because I would expect the howto block to show
its doc in grc by default).

Solution 1: install third party blocks into the “gnuradio” package
(i.e. installing to “${GR_PYTHON_DIR}/gnuradio/howto”).

Solution 2: modify gnuradio-companion so it can search outside the
“gnuradio” package. For testing purposes, I made the attached patch.


– Julien Olivain.