Question About Gems And DataBase's?

Hello IM working on a Rails app That requires the midilib gem I have
installed the gem using gemsonrails and installation went great but i
was wondering where in my Application do i call the Gem At in my
application controller or the controller the uses the Gem? Also As Iam
Using the Midilib gem I want to be able to create a midi file and
store it in my Mysql Database…

The bases of my App is that is takes a A Text field and then converts
it into A Midi file

I have created the midi converter in Ruby and its whole conversion is
based around a tomidi method that i have created and now want to use
that same Method in my rails app

Thanks for any help


Place your midi converter on the lib folder or make it a plugin. Then
you can use your library from anywhere on your app. By the way, I
suggest you create a daemon that will check pending conversions,
depending on how long a conversion takes. If you do the conversion
directly on a controller, it can collapse your application.
I don’t know midilib, but I don’t recomend storing files on MySQL, I
would only store the path to the file, but you can check the BLOB
field, I’ve never used it on MySQL, only in Oracle and worked fine.