Question about duplexing with USRP


Hi, everyone,

Right now I’m doing some FDD work with USRP and flex2400. For one USRP,
transmit signal at 2350MHz and receive at 2450MHz.

From the received waveform I found that the transmitting program interrupt
the receiving script. The received cosin wave turned out to be
But when I stop the transmitting program, the received waveform became

In the transmitting program, I use set_auto_tr(False), in the receiving
program, I use set_auto_tr(False), too. Is that correct?
I found that if I use set_auto_tr(True) in transmitting program, the
transmitting power is degraded by receiving program.

Is it possible to make the transmtting path and receiving path work
independently without interrupting eachother, and how? I really want to

Thank you!


Forgot to say, I’m using one port TX/RX for transmitting and receiving
simultanously, is it OK?

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