Question about digital_ofdm_mapper_bcv class and d_msg variable

Hello everyone,

In the current implementation of the digital_ofdm_mapper_bcv::work()
only one packet of 528 size(in other words d_msg->length() == 528) is
consumed each time in order to create a symbol.
I tried to modify the method to consume more of those packets but it
not works.
So the question is if there is a way to change the packet size of the
(d_msg->length()) from 528 to another integer.I could not find where
value is given yet.

Thans in advance,

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 4:17 AM, Lampros Katsikas
[email protected] wrote:

Thans in advance,

You can change the lengths of most parts of the symbol and packet. If
you run the script with ‘-h’, you’ll see the list of
options. The ‘-s’ allows you to specify the length of the packet
(default = 400 bytes), the number of subcarriers (–fft-length), the
number of used subcarriers (–occupied-tones) and the length of the
cyclic prefix (–cp-length).

You should be able to make the OFDM code work on more than one symbol
at a time, which should help a bit in the performance. The
book-keeping starts to get nasty, so to make it easier on us when we
put this together, we decided to get it right by only using one symbol
at a time.


Thank you very much for your reply but this is not what i was looking
Its my fault because didn’t tell you what exactly i would like to do!

So, i don’t want just to run the to see its behaviour
but i
would like if possible to give the packet_size as a parameter or even
it statically with another size in order to handle bigger packets at
work method of the digital_ofdm_mapper_bcv class.
I have already checked the gr_buffer and gr_msg_queue files from
gnuradio_core folder but i havent seen anything yet.

Thank you in advance,

2012/8/22 Tom R. [email protected]