Question about an OFDM-USRP2 decoder


I’ve been using the IEEE 802.11a/g/p OFDM encoder developed by the FTW
and, in my humble opinion, I think that it’s a great contribution to the
GNU Radio community. I also consider that it would be nice to complete
this project with the equivalent OFDM decoder, but I don’t have a clue
about its development state.

Does anyone know if the OFDM decoder is being developed?

Regarding the OFDM decoder, I’ve been using and trying the OFDM
benchmark provided by Veljko P.
I’ve thought in using this decoder with the FTW encoder, assuming some
restrictions (keeping constant the OFDM coderegime in the tx side among
others) and configuring both encoder (FTW)/receiver (V. Pejovic) with
the same OFDM parameters (FFT length, number of occupied tones, CP
length, …).

Do you think that it’s a possible way to receive the OFDM packets
generated by FTW encoder? I’m not sure about this possibility.

Thank you for your time

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