Question abouot installing ruby on rail



We are supposed to host a web application which used ruby on rails.
I ve to decided on which server we are going to install this
So I did somes research and I’ve somes question.
We use redhat for OS and apache for webserver.

My first question is about the interaction between RoR and apache.
It seems threre are different way to install RoR with apache.
My google search let me think that the best way to install RoR with
apache is to use fastcgi. Am i right ?
But what about “Passenger aka mod_rails” ? Is this reliable or not ?

To install RoR I have to possibility : use redhat rpm or compile.
I prefer to install redhat rpm. What do you think about this ?

One think that is really not clear for me is the difference between rail
an ruby.
What i understand is that Ruby is the programming language, and Ruby on
Rails ( also called RoR or Rails ) is the framework i.e ( a collcetion
of library, on a tool to update the library).
AM i right ?

Many thanks in adavnace for your reponse
Best regards