Query strings and stop words

Is there an option for filtering stop words out of the query string,
so that queries that contain stop words don’t return zero results? It
has been several years, but I think that when I was on a project that
was writing a search engine, we used to filter stop words both out of
the index and out of the query string, after it was parsed. This
allows a query like [cold and sinus] to return hits even when the
default operator is AND.

If there is no option for this in ferret, is there some way of getting
at ferret’s parsed query structure, and deleting stop words before it
tries to use it? I would like to avoid parsing the query myself,
because that duplicates what ferret does. (At the very least, I would
like to avoid writing a ferret query language parser!)


Paul L.
Aquilent, Inc.
National Library of Medicine (Contractor)