Query : How to Count the Value or No of Items in Select List

Hi Everybody…

I am new to Ruby, Watir

i am automating a web based application

  1. My web page has Drop down list box or Select list box
  2. It has 10 items ( Eg: 10 Diff car names Audi, BMW, Mazda etc) or it
    can contain N of Cars also


  1. After selecting the car, the page gets refreshed and i have to write
    the details of the car in the Excel sheet …like this it happens for
    every car
    before this i have know No of Car available in the List;
  2. After having the Car Count can loop for N no of Cars

is there anyway to Count no of items in the Select List using the VALUE

1st CAR : Value = 0
2nd CAR : Value = 1
3rd CAR : Value = 2
4th CAR : Value = 3

Please help me out